We develop
and manufacture

Exion HyGGe® 100A electrolyzer

Exion A50 Cell Stack

Exion HyGGe™ 100A

We have developed a completely new water electrolysis system including a newly designed cell stack

Technology Alkaline Water Electrolyzer
Output Pressure 30barg
Flow 100Nm³/h using 2 Exion A50 stacks
Hydrogen Purity 5.0(99.999%)
Energy Consumption 500kW
Housing 40ft HighCube container
Commercial Availability Q4 2023
Target Market:
Industrial, energy and Transport applications up to 3MW projects (0,5MW blocks)


Our products will help to reduce emissions in different sectors


Petrochemical industry
Food & Oil


Storage of intermittend RE Production
Energy storage & transport
Hydrogen gas replacing Natural gas
Hydrogen gas replacing electrons
Grid balancing services


Road HDV & LDV

Hydrogen (H2) is used in several industries as a process gas.​ Examples are:​

Flat Glass Manufacturing
H2 to create a reducing atmosphere to avoid oxidation damages to the amorph glass.
Edible Oils
Hydrogenation and refining of edible oils need pure H2.
Different treatments of metals e.g. in sintering processes or creation of a reducing atmosphere in annealing furnaces​.
​Ultra high purity H2 is needed for the production of semiconductors/wafers​ H2 is also used in the production process of solar panels​.
Power Plants
​Larger power plants use Hydrogen as a cooling medium for generators​.
Chemical Industry
​ H2 is used for different purposes in different industries, e.g. for purification of gases, desulferisation, reducing environments etc. From small to very large volumes.​

Being an energy carrier, Hydrogen (H2) can be used to replace electrons by molecules for several reasons:​

  • Easier storage of intermittent Renewable Energy (RE)​
  • Storage and transport of energy in vessels and through pipelines instead of batteries and wires​
  • Replace natural gas by H2 – as well on an industrial level as in the built environment – as a basic energy supplier​
  • Currently trials are ongoing in large industrial plants (glass, ammonia & steel production plants and refineries) to test the replacement of natural gas by renewable H2​
  • Intermittent RE sources cause peaks & dips in the electricity supply. H2 production and usage can help cope with these problems and support the grid by balancing the demand/supply and thus avoid curtailment.​

In Transport, Hydrogen (H2) is already used in all kinds of applications:​

  • As well for ICE as for FC applications​
  • For personal road transport – cars​
  • For professional road transport – trucks & buses​
  • On small and large vessels/boats, as well FC as ICE​ – Also ammonia being tested​
  • Trains: as well Alstom as Siemens have released FCE trains​
  • First planes are flying – Airbus is pushing​
  • Small vehicles: FCE bikes and motor bikes, drones, …​